Still I Rise

I was born not to make it but I did. The tribulations of a ghetto kid, still I rise-2pac

Step into the shores of the living.
Lost paternal touch was the misgiving.
Plunge headlong with maternal efforts reliving.
Still i rise to phenomenal heights lace my thanksgiving.
No doubts, sterling and remarkable are the actual credentials.
Compromised no proper standards to post the differentials.
Changing directions and creating enduring legacies are the essentials.
Until the inevitability of realizing the full potentials.
Today, i’ll play host to God’s pleasure.
For He surges new levels even at leisure.
God almighty is the God of pleasure


So you’ll move up life’s rungs in no bad measure.

Copyright © 2011, Mensah Isaac

The Bone of Contention

Our pots are broken into shreds
Pained by the streak of faceoffs
Both parties blinded to our pitiable plight
At the end of the tunnel, we only hope to envision the light

Fate has taken heavy tolls on us
Situation that fast-track our anguish
Whether for public or personal aggrandizement
We marvelled at the forefront

The rude implications stares us in the face
Resolve your Imbroglio
We earnestly long to return to the classrooms
Our bones are weak imprisoned in this bedroom

The break in communication
With every streak tagged a political colouration
What a nightmarish scenario
The weight is too heavy to carry
Cross the border, we can’t tarry

© 2013, ISAAC MENSAH(@zackmensah), all rights reserved.

Traffic muddy Lane

What makes your gain
ligate the clubs radial vein
bind the noble in chains.
because he refused joining the commuters train.

What is the crime to turn down the traffic muddy lane
it is to strike the Noble with the victim’s cane?
It’s express but i can’t join this train
Even if you’ll show my name profane

I could only wish you refrain,
Because your efforts will just go down the drain
I have remained a major plant since from the grain
So I can’t celebrate ‘drain brain’

© Mensah July 2011

Life’s Hour Glass

slowly slowly it goes.
Dwindling as it moves .

the journey into death.
a step first taken at birth.

first a suckling.

Who knows no right from wrong.

Next a teen
who desires all his needs be met.

Then comes the youth age
broken from the teenage
cares cage.

Seeking all influence. all freedom.

wanting as it chose
making his rules as he goes.

Then suddenly the youth age
desires marriage.

Wanting a wife children and home
a family he can call his own.

then slowly but steadily.
old age smiles at him

.eating deep
into his keep

the strength he bore,
the one nature gives afore.

leaving him weak as time ticks
he no more like thence can speak.

All strands may loosed
life’s span reduced .

And so he dies,
the vibrant youth he lies.

Like an old log
devoured by termites,

such is life!

by El magny

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